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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the website to bring the websites position on the higher ranks on search engine results pages. In the process of SEO, when a user goes through any search engine and makes a search with a keyword then, it provides you the whole page listing in the top results. And this result shows the Page Rank of the website. Whether it is coming on the first page which means a good position or or on some other pages means need improvement. Mainly different methods followed to increase the traffic on the websites

Search Engine Optimization includes many services that act to illustrate the current situation of the website and how it competes against other websites. Typically, this begins with benchmarking and analysis.SEO services companies will usually have a program that they can run to examine the website and prepare a report that will analyze the following areas of the website that are vital to successful PageRank:

Site structure, design, and usability – ensuring that the website is properly assembled with a site map, determining the page load speed, and file sizes, and assessing the age and durability of the domain. Understanding the basic fundamentals of your webpage design is vital to building a successful and search engine-friendly design.

Basic Architecture and error reporting – analyzing the webpage to determine if there are any broken or faulty url's, robots.txt files, W3C, and dynamic pages.

Link Analysis – determining the quality of inbound links that are sending website traffic to your webpage. Also, determining the quality of outbound links and reference to high quality and reputable outlets.

Keyword effectiveness – having the proper keywords embedded and indexed throughout the webpage in addition to measure the current keyword density. SEO firms typically recommend the keyword density ratio be between 4% - 7%.

Consulting Services typically address the following avenues of search engine optimization:

  • Website design / layout and infrastructure
  • Paid Search / Pay-Per-Click Management
  • Local Search and Geographic Targeting Analysis
  • Social Media / Social Monitoring
  • Reputation Management and Monitorings
  • Proper Site Development
  • Conversion Analysis & Enhancement
  • Brand Development and Enhancement
  • Strategic Concept and Product Launches
  • Overall Comprehensive Online Initiatives
  • Keyword analysis and implementation
  • Site Map and Groundwork
  • Link-building strategy
  • Refreshed content strategies



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